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  1. I needed to rehab a house that needed electrical, and plumbing work done, which was extensive to say the least. I called about 8-10 electricians, and quite a few plumbing contractors as well before I stumbled onto Sun gold energy. Paul Ollette is the owner and electrical and plumbing contractor as well. The first time I met Paul we went over what I needed to work on regarding get power to my house, which had not been lived in for several years , and had no electricity whatsoever. I needed major wiring from the sub panel to the outside main panel, and there was no main outside panel at all. Paul is a good listener, and I explained what I needed to be done. He already knew what needed to be done, but just went along with my endless chattering. He guided me as how we needed to proceed, and then we agreed on cost, and materials, and Paul got started. To make a long story short Paul helped me save money in materials, and labor without compromising quality. His electrical work is perfection, as well as his plumbing skills which r second to none… He is on time, on budget, and on point!!! He also does solar which I will have him do when I am ready to do so.. You will sleep easy at night knowing Paul took care of your electrical and plumbing needs.. I am not exaggerating one bit… Go with Sungold Energy!!! You will be happy u did..

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